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Do you sometimes feel that you are carrying emotions or traumas that don’t belong to you but have been put on you by previous generations like your parents, grandparents, and possibly beyond? 

For example if one of your parents had experienced a trauma in your life before you were born you could have a biological marker that is similar to your parents even if you didn’t experience it yourself. 


I worked with a young man in his late 20s who was very successful in his teaching career and yet had a significant anxiety disorder that he couldn’t understand because his upbringing seemed happy.   His mother was a child of holocaust survivors his father was not Jewish.    I first worked with the anxiety by taking this client through desensitization to the stressor getting him to calm the body and mind as he went from the least anxiety provoking event to the most and that helped him somewhat.  It wasn’t until we worked with his maternal ancestral line across the generations and helped him unburden the trauma in him along with all the family members who were effected by the trauma that his anxiety went away.  He realized that his levels of stress may have been influenced by his grand mother’s trauma and this helped him immensely to get better.


Traumas can and do change the body through epigenetics even if you yourself didn’t go through the traumatic experience yourself.  I can help you understand what has been damaged and help you heal the epigenetic and molecular changes that may have occurred in you. 


What you can feel you can heal. 

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